Corporate services

Corporate travel management is the provision of support services to enable businesses to reduce costs, increase efficiency and maximise traveller welfare, whilst fulfilling their global business travel needs.

Is your event cost effective?
Does it obtain the expected results?

We at Lidia Tours understand the needs of our clients and how important it is every event, which we organize together, to be effective. Following some simple steps, we will help you create a complete concept, and will measure until what extend your investment will be returned.

1. As a beginning, we will ask you about the goals of your event. We will pay attention to every detail – who are your guests, where will you take them, what kind of information you will deliver them. We will monitor all the actions that your event causes, as well as the results, you will accomplish. In this way, we will evaluate whether the event justifies the initial investment in it.
2. We will consult you on the small details that bring you closer to the realization of your goals.
3. We will use an international system for collecting information from the participants in the event.
4. Based on the collected data, we will define how effective the event was.
5. We will calculate the real return on investment.

Our team members are the first experts in Bulgaria who are certified to provide professionally the service of Return on Investment.

Lidia Tours uses a high-tech system for Customer Relationship Management.

Each of our corporate clients has a personal profile that allows us to quickly and efficiently prepare reports on:

1. Annual turnover
2. Budgets
3. Frequently used destinations

In this way, we can optimize at the most the workflow, in order to collect quickly and easily information on the specific requirements of each client and to offer faster and more efficient service.

Corporate social responsibility is at the core of the modern and prosperous society.

We believe that every business can find its cause and contribute to various fields of public life.

At Lidia Tours, we will consult and advise you on finding your cause. We will assist you donate to the needy or organize your first green event.

We believe that applying the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility entails moral and financial incentives for any business.

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