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Bulgaria is a country with millennium rich history and cultural heritage.
Visitors will find much to interest them in the country’s history, culture, ethnography, religion, architecture and arts. Unique archaeological sites abound throughout the country – ancient settlement mounds from the Neolithic age, Thracian sanctuaries and tombs, remains of Roman cities, Byzantine and Medieval fortresses, architectural reserves, ethnographic complexes, churches and monasteries, Tekkes (mosques), among many others.


Despite the fact that it occupies only 2% of Europe’s territory, about 40,000 historical monuments have been registered in Bulgaria (7 of which are included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage sites), 36 cultural reserves, 160 monasteries, and roughly 330 museums and galleries. This includes prehistoric finds, Thracian tombs, sites from the Greek Age, Roman fortresses, historical monuments from the time of the First and the Second Bulgarian Kingdoms, and architectural landmarks from the Age of Revival.

Cultural monuments from the Bulgarian Revival period can be found in many cities, towns, and villages, such as Kotel, Koprivshtitsa, Karlovo, Kalofer, Sopot, Elena, Tryavna, Bansko, Melnik. the Old Plovdiv, Gela, Shiroka Laka, Momchilovtsi, Orehovo, Smilyan, Arda, Dolen, Leshten, Kovachevitsa, Pletena, Bozhentsi, Ribaritsa, Zheravna, Oreshak, Medven, Skandalo, Arbanasi, Balgari, Kosti, Brashlyan, and Mladezhko. There are many ethnographic complexes that enable visitors to appreciate Bulgarian crafts such as woodcarving, embroidery, pottery, and knitting. Some of them are the architectural and ethnographic open-air museum at Etara /Gabrovo/, the ethnographic complexes in Dobrich, Chiflika /Albena/, Bansko, Kazanlak, Zlatograd, Varosha – Blagoevgrad, Brashlyan – Malko Tarnovo, and many others.

There are also opportunities to observe traditional economic activities in our lands like oil rose manufacturing and wine production.


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Bulgaria has a diverse calendar that preserves the country’s folk traditions and customs - Surva (St. Vasil’s Day), St. Jordan’s Day – Epiphany, St. John’s Day, St. Anton’s Day, Trifon Zarezan, Martuvane (giving martenitsas), the first Sunday before Lent, Mummer’s Day, St. Todor’s Day, the Annunciation Day, Easter, St. George’s Day, the Day of Virgin Mary, St. Dimitar’s Day, All Souls Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas.
Many Bulgarian village celebrations and folkways preserve ancient traditions and customs, such as St. Lazar’s Day, Palm Sunday, the mummers, carol singing, fire-dancing and many others.
Exceptionally attractive are the folklore festivals and gatherings – for instance, the International Mummers Festival “Starchevata” (Razlog), the International Festival of Masquerade Games “Surva” (Pernik), the Ethnicities Gathering (municipality of Beloslav), the International Folklore Festival (Veliko Tarnovo), the National Folklore Festival “Rozhen”, the International Bagpipe Festival in the village of Gela, and many others.

Bulgarian National Holidays: 
January 1 - New Year's Day
March 1 – Baba Marta
March 2 – Liberation Day
April - May - Easter
May 1– Labour Day
May 6 – Saint George's Day - Bulgarian Army Day
May 24 – Day of the Slavic Alphabet and Culture
September 6 – Unification of Bulgaria
September 22 – Independence Day
November 1 – National Revival Day
December 24 – Christmas Eve
December 25 & 26 – Christmas 

Festivals in Bulgaria
January: International Festival of Masquerade Games
City: Pernik, Bulgaria

March: Sofia International Film Festival
City: Sofia, Bulgaria

April: Sofia Jazz Peak
City: Sofia, Bulgaria

May: Bulgarian Salsa Festival
City: Sofia, Bulgaria

May: Kazanlak Rose Festival
City: Kazanlak, Bulgaria

June: Varna Summer - International Music Festival
City: Varna, Bulgaria

July: International Folklore Festival
City: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

August: Bansko International Jazz Festival
City: Bansko, Bulgaria

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