We provide business travel and event management services that we adapt to the specific needs of each of our clients. For years, small, mid-sized, and large multinational corporations have all found Lidia Tours to be the best corporate, incentive and incoming travel support available.

In today’s business environment, many companies are migrating toward enterprise meeting and event management solutions that mitigate risk and deliver quantifiable savings. At the same time, they still need to create dynamic and memorable event experiences in a responsible manner, and effectively engage, educate and motivate audiences through a variety of communication channels.

Lidia Tours is unique in that we are equally adept in providing event-level and enterprise-level solutions, as well as the engagement strategies that share information, inspire performance and drive business results.

Our team delivers strategic management programmes and venue sourcing for meetings, conferences and events of any size globally. We provide a range of project management services for clients including content, theme, design, production and on-site support.

Every group of people is different, and every member of your team is first an individual.
We believe team-building courses must be specifically tailored for each group, targeting your goals. Every program we manage is custom designed, and your program manager goes through each step prior to your group's arrival.

Our team is ready to help you to strengthen your teamwork and the motivation in your office. Creative ideas, involving games and enchanting natural surroundings are put together to make your stay in Bulgaria a memorable and useful experience.

Your employees are looking for more than just a place to work.
They want to make a difference, and work for an employer that is not only good at business, but also does good.

Great incentive programs are not just a way to celebrate success in an exotic location - they are a proven investment in your entire team which increase sales, improves employee as well as customer loyalty, rewards productivity. Incentive programs create an atmosphere of camaraderie and excitement leaving lasting impressions far beyond any other motivational tool.

At Lidia Tours, we will make your next incentive trip or off-site meeting so much more enriching by infusing it with a “giving back” component. We still arrange all the “standard” elements, but these are overlaid with some time assisting hands-on at an invaluable community development or environmental project. It is this time spent giving back that will unite your employees, give them a shared experience and make them proud of their company.

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